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BBC Releases First Image of New “Doctor Who” Costume

[All images courtesy of BBC]

Greetings and salutations, fellow Fridge Nukers! Bradfield here, once again, reporting from deep inside the TARDIS. Did you know The Doctor has a full blown sweatshop in here??? Don’t worry. I’ve been assured they’re all robots…

Breaking Doctor Who news!

So… When we last left the Twelfth and newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi, he was still dressed in Matt Smith’s old togs. Today, BBC released another breadcrumb on the Road to Season Eight, the first image of The Doctor in his new costume! Overall, it appears to be a nice cross section of Smith’s eccentric take on the character, and first Doctor of the current series, Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston‘s penchant for dark colors. Whether or not it is a hint toward what many assume will be a gravitas Capaldi may bring to the character remains to be seen. According to The Doctor himself:

“He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.” — Peter Capaldi

So without further ado…

“New Doctor, new era, and of course new clothes. Monsters of the universe, the vacation is over – Capaldi is suited and booted and coming to get you!” — Steven Moffat (Executive Producer and Lead Writer)

Some observations and speculation…

First and foremost – DOC MARTENS BOOTS!!! Black patent leather. It’s not easy to see whether they are 6, 8 or ten hole Docs — I’m guessing 8 — but it doesn’t matter. The shoes on the feet of millions of punks, rude boys, and just people who like the look is now on the feet of one of the most popular and recognizable characters on the planet.

Straight tie? Bow tie? How about NO tie. Not particularly revolutionary. However, when Eccleston sported the “sans neckwear” look, it was with a black t-shirt and leather jacket.

Mostly dark. The outfit seems to jibe with what many assume will be a darker take on the character. However, the fresh-pressed white collared shirt, and red lining to the waist coat indicates that, while we may see a more serious Doctor, he hasn’t forgotten the light moments of the last few years. Of course, this is just speculation.

That’s all until the next breadcrumb! As usual, check back with us here at Nuke the Fridge early and often for the latest in “All the Who That’s Fit to Print.”