Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition coming tot the Nintendo Switch available now for the PS4 & Xbox One

In a bit of a surprise move, Square Enix announced that it will be releasing Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on the Nintendo Switch. While no date was announced for the Switch version of the game, it is already up on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, it’s actually a free-to-play mobile game that was released earlier this year for Android and iOS devices, followed by a release on Windows 10. It’s roughly a very scaled down version of Final Fantasy XV, which is perfect for people who don’t exactly have the time to invest in a grand scale adventure and features some pretty interesting character designs similar in a way to that of Final Fantasy VII.

The game is available¬†right now, it’s normal price is $29.99 but right now it is 40% off until the 13th making it $17.99. I played the first three chapters when the game came out and it’s not bad it’s pretty simple and straightforward but I loved the ability to take my time and explore the world in the full game.