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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Available September 7

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a mobile smartphone game for iOS and Android and features stories covering the entire Final Fantasy VII universe timeline, including the original game, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. As of July 30, over 1 million people have already pre-registered for the long-awaited game. 

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved and well-known games within the franchise, with its intricate storyline and brilliant gameplay. It is an RPG game that focuses on Cloud Strife, a mercenary who falls in with a group of eco-terrorists as they try to save the world from former elite SOLDIER Sephiroth who is now bent on summoning Meteor to devastate the Planet for the alien Jenova. In the process, a convoluted past reveals itself as the group discovers plots that tell a different story than originally presumed. 

Check out their website here for more info.