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Filmmaker Brad Bird Will Not Direct “Star Wars: Episode VII”

Filmmaker Brad Bird (“The Iron Giant,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”) is keeping busy with his current Hollywood project. At the moment, he is working on the original sci-fi film, entitled “1952.”

Since, Disney Studios recently acquired Lucasfilm for four billion dollars from founder and creator George Lucas, the studio has announced that a new trilogy of Star Wars films will be coming out beginning in 2015. The names of many top Hollywood directors have been tossed about as possible candidates for the key position, which most have turned down. Considered to be a modern day Walt Disney, Bird’s name is on the list, but he recently tweeted a response concerning the Star Wars question.

Brad Bird@BradBirdA113

“@rsavenell: You are on people’s lists as top choice for Star Wars, yet haven’t confirmed. Please end this tease!”Not doing Star Wars.
17 Nov 12

The untitled “Star Wars: Episode VII” is expected to open in theaters in May of 2015. Michael Arndt will write the screenplay, while the director’s chair remains unfilled.

Source: Complex