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Action at its Best

 Fathom - The Elite Saga 04 (of 05) (Digital)

Thus far, Fathom: The Elite Saga has played to the strengths of the underwater universe’s sexy eye-catching visuals and good female led narrative. The penultimate issue of this status quo changing event turns the dial up to eleven and rocks our socks.

Where the previous issue relied too heavy on exposition, chapter four lets the characters in harmony with the action progress this story by leaps and bounds in order to set up the — can’t wait for it– final chapter. Aspen and Kiani join forces to take on the resurrected Cannon Hawke in order to rescue Anya’s baby, Anika. The duo delve deeper into the mystery of the force behind the kidnapping and what it wants with Anika. J.T. Krul’s script is laid out as perfect as a next-to-last issue can be. Readers get enough excitement from the action with dialogue used sparingly but crucially in advancing the story. If there’s one problem with the story; it’s that end of the issue comes to a sudden halt. Even though it’s a great cliffhanger; it felt as though I wasn’t done investing in the action when I landed at the end of this issue. All that equates to major anticipation for the story’s climax that will no doubt change the Fathom universe leading in to the All-New Fathom series at the end of the month.

One of the big reasons this issue scores so high is artist V. Ken Marion really plays to his strengths in the art department here. Much of the pages are laid out in a Jim Lee blockbuster splash page style which fits the dynamic beauty of the Fathom universe to a tee. Giving him more room to draw, in this huge style, helps Marion’s facial expression with that missing bit of depth and emotion. While the number of splash pages could have been a repetition disaster; they end up playing well with Krul’s script; serving to make action scenes feel well choreographed.

Fathom - The Elite Saga 04 (of 05) (Digital) 1Fathom - The Elite Saga 04 (of 05) (Digital) 04

Most events in comics lately have been stretched out to the point where their final issue feels anticlimactic (looking at you Ultron). Aspen has done a great job setting up a proper sized event for the story they want to tell. My only disappointment will be having to wait till next Sunday to pick up the finale because I’ll be busy covering Comic-Con Wednesday; though you readers can let me know what you think well before that.

9 out of 10 Amazing!

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