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Chapter Three Turns the Series Into an Underwater Action Movie

Fathom - The Elite cover

So far Fathom: The Elite Saga has been everything Aspen fans expect; sexy visuals combined with thematic story. While it won’t do anything to pull in new readers, The Elite Saga is doing an excellent job of being an appetizer for the new Fathom series this summer.

Kiani is back and in an unlikely alliance must team with the underwater world’s favorite rebel, Aspen Matthews to find Anya’s kidnapped child. The issue spends most of its time reminding readers why Aspen and Kiani hate each other so much even coming to blows in a gorgeous bit of underwater brawling. Their fight is short lived as we get a face to face with the mystery underwater dwellers who kidnapped Anya’s baby Anika in issue one. At the issues cliffhanger we get yet another return of a very important character in the Fathom universe.

The issue’s hiccups arise in the attempt to grab new readers, there’s so much narrated backstory that it can distract from the action going on. By issue three the audience is either invested or out of the story completely. Going forth, focus should go more towards progressing the story of the baby and her importance to the seas. However this third chapter shines in playful dialogue between Kiani and Aspen as the fighting goes on. They genuinely feel like bitter enemies who share an unspoken connection to one another.

As far as Marion’s art goes, it hasn’t changed much since issue one and continues to do well in terms of framing action and fluidity of the figures. Definitely something you want in a book about sexy underwater beings. Where its challenge remains is in the faces. The expressions are various but in a couple of the close up shots the faces can look a bit warped and in need of a little bit more depth. Though it isn’t enough of a problem to take me out of encapsulating action of the story; it’s just something art perfectionist will be aware of.

Fathom - The Elite Saga B

Overall Fathom: The Elite Saga #3 does a great job or raising the action in the series and leaving yet another cliffhanger to make fans come back for more. With only a couple issues left until the debut of the All-New Fathom series; the next chapters need to start answering the question of Anya’s baby. If the series continues in the direction it’s heading, this could be a pivotal series for the Fathom universe.

7 out of 10 Great!
A read filled with vivacity and only a couple minor flaws

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