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FATHER’S DAY #1 Review

26548Father’s Day is a brand new mini-series from Dark Horse, which is also written by Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. Father’s Day is a story about a former mob enforcer who went by the name the Eastside Butcher, who has now found a new life as he left the business behind and now goes by Silas. All of a sudden, his daughter who he abandoned, shows up at his door step and at the same time, she unknowingly lead her father’s past life right back to him.


This is not a slow story whatsoever. Right within the first couple of pages, you see some sort of action and drama. The action only stops for a small amount of time, then quickly picks up right where it left off. Amongst all the action, there’s some mystery in Silas’s story, why he left the business and why he abandoned his daughter. Those questions somewhat get answered in this first issue but then only leaves even more mystery by the end of the issue. Which is a good thing because it will make you want to read the next issue. fd1p2

As for the art, the art is done by Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars-Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows, Predators) and his art tells a story very well. The settings in the panels are simplistic but it’s easy to tell where everything is taking place. The imagery allows the story to flow properly and it makes it easier for the readers to follow the story.

Father’s Day #1 seemed kind of like a short read but it was interesting and I actually want to read the next issue to find out more about the Eastside Butcher’s story and how his daughter will react to finding out who her father was. If you need a break from super powers and capes, this crime, action/adventure will be a good read for you.

Father’s Day #1 comes out this Wednesday.