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FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Storyline Shot Down by Screenwriter

Fantastic Four

Hungry comic book fans are awaiting any type of news based on director Josh Trank’s upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot. Someone threw this bone out today and websites are chomping down hard on the possible plotline that’s being leaked.

Two friends (who end up being Mr. Fantastic and The Thing), starts with them being really young.  An event happens at 16 that changes them, instead of being superheroes, they are basically owned by the government and used as weapons.

Screenwriter Jeremy Slater took to his Twitter page to clear the air and ease frayed nerves about this “leaked” storyline. This is what he posted.

Boner Mountain‏@Boner_Mountain 8h

hahahaha nope 


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Besides being poorly worded, the faux logline seems to be what it is… false.  Die-hard fans of the super powered quartet would expect more faithfulness to the source material.  Yes, Reed Richards and Benjamin Grimm were classmates in high school and roommates in college. Also, each gave moral support to the other.  The simple fact is, there’s no mention of Susan or Johnny Storm.  These two characters are essentials in order to complete the cosmically enhanced team.

“The Fantastic Four” is slated for a March 6, 2015 release.  No actors have been cast at this time. Ashley Miller and Jeremy Slater wrote the screenplay based on the story written by Jeremy Slater, Zack Stentz, and Josh Trank from characters created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) was brought in to polish the script, which is ready to go into preproduction at this time. Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) directs.

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