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Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Will Be Full Game with Progress Carrying Over for Final Release

According to Bethesda, the game’s upcoming B.E.T.A. period will show fans virtually everything that can be experienced in Fallout 76 this fall.

On the official FAQ page, new updates have appeared for Fallout 76 from Bethesda Game Studios that gave a bit more insight into what to expect from the game’s upcoming B.E.T.A., which is expected to begin sometime in October.

The FAQ page revealed that Bethesda’s plans are that the B.E.T.A. will give players access to “the full game,” and all player progress earned during the course of playing the B.E.T.A. will be carried over from where they left off into the final game’s release in November.

It’s encouraging to see that players in the B.E.T.A. will have the chance to experience what will essentially be the full content of the game, if only for a shot duration of time.

Fallout 76 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14, 2018