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FSS4_BD_3DOne of TNT’s hit series Falling Skies has just recently released the complete fourth season on blu-ray (June 2). If you have not yet picked it up for yourself, here is my review of the blu-ray pack that may help you out.

Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season is my very first time watching any of the series. After watching this blu-ray release, I will probably go back and start from the beginning of the entire season because it’s pretty awesome!

In this fourth season, the group deals with a post-apocalyptic world completely run by aliens. The season starts off with Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and his group getting brutally attacked by a new alien threat which is more dangerous and deadlier than all other alien races. Even by picking up from the fourth season, you notice this right away. Not only do they have this alien race to deal with among a few others, they also have to deal with a long lost daughter from the group, who is aging at a rapid rate, very unstable and is also capable of special powers that can do great harm.

The storyline for season four is pretty good. You spend plenty of time watching each character develop and eventually become something that could possibly save the human race or destroy it. Watching what the long lost daughter Lexi is capable of, creates an interesting conflict between not only the Mason family themselves but also between the Mason family/human race and the alien race.

The cgi and special effects are some of the best I’ve seen in a TV series. The alien races look like something you would see in a big budget alien film and the action is just as good. The blu-ray quality makes these look even better. I also think the series stands out because you only find shows that deal with aliens, usually on Syfy.

The Falling Skies: Complete Fourth Season is a two disc set which has 12 episodes, each being 44 minutes in length. It also comes with hours of special features.

Special Features

The special features that are included with the season four collection are: Featurette: Tom Mason: A Man of Tomorrow, Episodic Prequels, Inside the Episode, Character Interviews, 2014 SDCC panel with cast. These are some really great features that will help you learn more about the series, the characters and the people behind the characters.


Like the soon to be released The Last Ship: The Complete First Season blu-ray release (which you can also see my review of here) it also comes in a foiled cardboard slip which protects the plastic blu-ray case. If you move the case in different angles, it becomes more colorful and really catches the eye.


I know TNT is known for their tagline “We Know Drama” but they should soon be adding “We Know Action” to that tagline. Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season is really interesting and contains lots of drama and action. The different alien races all look very distinct, creepy and awesome. This collection contains a bit more than TNT’s The Last Ship collection, as Falling Skies gives you more episodes plus the digital HD codes for the same price ($49.99). The price is still pretty high, which is the only downside to this collection but you do get a lot of content with this collection. TNT seems to do a good job at providing a lot of content for their blu-ray releases. If you are a huge fan of Falling Skies, you won’t be disappointed in this fourth season collection. If you like movies or shows that deal with extraterrestrials, then you should start watching this series if you haven’t already.

I give Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season:  8 out of 10 fridges.