Exclusive: YO GABBA GABBA’S Christian Jacobs says Female Member will join THE AQUABATS!


In celebration of the release of the hit television series THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! SEASON ONE! on DVD, Nuke the Fridge‘s very own Louis Love was given a chance to interview Christian Jacobs at this year’s Comic-Con.  Jacobs is the shows writer, producer, director, band leader and star so he knows which direction the show is going.

Although we will be posting the rest of the interviews with the cast later this week, we decided to share this piece of exciting exclusive information as a teaser first.

What’s so important that we have to release this video now?

As you may know THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! is a huge hit with children, both girls and boys love it, yet all the members are guys. Now Jacobs has revealed to Nuke The Fridge that he’s working on adding a female member to the group but he’s looking for the right way of introducing her. He also hinted that “Batgirl” may be an inspiration for the character.

Check out the video below!