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Exclusive: ULTRAMAN Had A Cameo In BIG HERO 6!

Big-Hero-6-Blu-Ray-490x586Here’s a quick Big Hero 6 exclusive.

Today I (Luis Lecca aka Louis Love) had a chance to interview Big Hero 6‘s Ryan Potter (Hiro) for the release of the film on Blu-ray and he confirmed to me that Ultraman had a cameo in the movie. Ultraman is a Japanese Tokusatsu television series that first aired in 1966 and has a massive cult following.

The interview will be up on Nuke the Fridge soon so stay tuned as he also revealed where exactly Ultraman was shown.

Did anyone else notice?


According to Potter, “Ultraman makes his cameo as a plush doll tucked away inside Hiro’s room.  When Hiro is sitting on his chair holding on to his Megabot, in the background sitting on the window sill is an Ultraman doll lying down.”

Potter also added that he noticed it after about his 11th time seeing the movie.