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Exclusive: These Scenes From The JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Have Been Cut From The Film

What does the exclusion of these scenes mean? Is a Justice League Extended Cut in the works or did these scenes not make Joss Whedon’s vision for the film? Will we ever find the real answers?


Justice League is just around the corner and as it has been reported the film has had a bit of a bumpy ride getting made.  Most notable was the replacing of Zack Snyder with Joss Whedon and much of the film undergoing reshoots.  Reshoots are NOT a bad thing, in fact, reshoots are normal in the process of creating a major motion picture.

With the addition of Whedon,  we can expect that many things seen in the early promotion for the film have been cut or replaced. Here, NUKE THE FRIDGE has an example of two things that did not make the final cut (according to some sources) but were seen in the Comic-Con trailer.

1.) Alfred speaking to a mysterious person.

During the last moments of the Comic-Con trailer, Alfred says to an unseen person “You said you’d come. Now, let’s hope you’re not too late.” Since his emphasis was on the word “hope” and it’s been established that the “S” symbol on Superman’s chest means “hope” on Krypton, fan speculation is that this is the moment Superman Returns in the film.

According to the sources, this did not make the final cut.

2.) Supergirl/Superman hologram with Bruce Wayne inside the Batcave

In the trailer, we see Bruce Wayne looking at what seems to be a hologram of the back of Superman’s cape but, as the scene pans out the leg looks much thinner than The Man of Steel’s. Also, the leg is exposed. This raises the question, is that Kara’s leg or Kal-El’s? Well, it looks like we may not get the answer in the theatrical cut of the film since it may have been cut out.

Take a look at the Comic-Con trailer below.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017