Exclusive Scoop! Marvel’s Kevin Feige looking for an Exit Strategy?

It was reported that, “Kevin Feige Star Wars movie has been put on indefinite hold.”

And Nuke the Fridge is hearing some rumblings from the Peach State; where certain Marvel productions are taking place.

What are these rumblings? Kevin Feige may be looking for an exit from Marvel Studios!

We love Feige and he’s been with Marvel since 2000’s starting as an associate producer for Lauren Shuler Donner.

But he is a savage business man and the films he has produced has a combined gross of 28.5 billion dollars worldwide. Feige is the highest grossing producers of all time. If he left, this would leave him open to dive into non-Disney and non-Marvel productions and could be a lucrative move on his part. This may just be a business move since we know there are no creative differences between him and Bob Iger. He also renewed his contract in 2022…

What could this mean for Marvel? Who would take over?

The answers are endless. What we hear though is this would not be immediate but after Phase 5 or 6.

People have even made comparisons between him and Kathleen Kennedy but there is none. Marvel has been successful.

While we heard this from inside sources, let’s take this with a grain of salt. We’ve tried to get confirmation from others but people have been tight lipped.

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