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In Gringo (opening in theaters on March 9th), mild-mannered U.S. businessman Harold Soyinka finds himself at the mercy of backstabbing colleagues, local drug lords, and a black ops mercenary after traveling to Mexico. Crossing the line from law-abiding citizen to wanted criminal, Harold fights to survive an increasingly dangerous situation that raises the question — is he out of his depth or two steps ahead?

In the film, actor Yul Vazquez plays Angel Valverde. We had a chance to talk to Vazquez about working on the film and the actors.

Among the highlights of the interview, Yul Vazquez talked about how big of a fan he was of the cast and meeting everyone for the first time on the set. Outside of Sharlto Copley (who he worked with on The A-Team remake), he never met any of them before.

Much of Gringo was filmed in Mexico and Vazquez said that filming there was great since the country is beautiful. The only drawback was the major traffic that he says dwarfs Los Angeles.

You Can Listen to the Interview Below.