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Exclusive Interview With The Cast of SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

In theaters this weekend and in time for Halloween is the fun film Scout Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. It features scouts, friendship, action, comedy, and zombies. What more can you ask for?

I had a chance to interview some of the cast that included Sarah Dumont, Joey Morgan, and Logan Miller.  They shared with me some fun stories about filming the movie and much more. 

Check it out!

Louis Love: This film felt like an 80’s throw back movie. Was that the intention?

Sarah Dumont: Yeah and I love 80’s movies, Goonies, and stuff like that. Director Christopher Landon wanting to make kind of an R rated modern version of it. It definitely has an 80’s throwback feel with the friendship and coming of age story.

Joey Morgan: One of the best things about horror films from the 80’s is that they used a lot of practical effects, and we kind of tried to pay homage to all of that. We’re doing it in a new way and it’s going to be fun.

Louis Love: Speaking of practical effects and all that blood that was featured in the film, how was it working through that?

Joey Morgan: Yeah, it was crazy. It was real cow blood. No, I’m kidding… It was really sticky. I think I got the most blood in the movie. I would come home, and I would go into my shower. Basically it was like reliving the Psycho ( shower ) scene every day.

Louis Love: Let’s face it, the zombie apocalypse is going to happen sooner or later. Could you guys tell us one by one what kind of advice you would give our readers when that happens?

Sarah Dumont: Stick together. There is strength in numbers.

Joey Morgan: Probably get to high ground, because that’s just a strategic way to keep yourself safe. Listen to nothing but Pantera and Slayer because you need something that’s going to get you going and want to kill dickwad zombies.

Louis Love: How did it feel to kill zombies? Did it feel good?

Joey Morgan: Satisfying!

Sarah Dumont: Pretty much creamed in my pants every time.

Joey Morgan: Yeah, we all got a lot of murder boners.

Louis Love: If you could be any type of zombie, because we’re eventually all going to turn into one, would it be a running zombie or a lumbering slow zombie? Which do you prefer?

Sarah Dumont: Running.

Logan Miller: I’m probably gonna go with like, the lumbering slow zombie because if my body was dead and just walking around on its own. It just has a lot to push forward so I don’t know if it could run at high speeds.

Joey Morgan: I’d like to be a zombie that’s an eagle, so I could fly around, eat my victims, and then fly around, and then fly around, and then fly around some more.

Louis Love: Logan, could you talk a little bit about that window scene?

Logan Miller: Oh God, yeah. A lot happened with that window scene. We got to see a lot of nudity in this film, and it was always kind of a disgusting factor. Zombie penis is very elastic and my character didn’t know that. He finds it out in the film very quickly. That zombie dick was a beautiful piece of work, and we made sure that we utilized every piece of that penis.

Louis Love: Sarah, tell us about your zombie killing techniques. Did they get a little bit better after the film?

Sarah Dumont: I think I’m pretty much a fucking natural. That’s what I’d have to say. Yeah, I mean, it definitely helped me.

Louis Love: Joey, can you tell me about filming that trampoline scene?

Joey Morgan: Oh my gosh, I think that was one of the funnest parts we had done. It took like two weeks of stunt training for that. Getting used to being on a trampoline, in general, knowing how to use it.

Louis Love: Do you guys have a favorite zombie flick?

Joey Morgan: You ever seen a little flick called Shaun of the Dead?

Louis Love: Yes, loved it!

Sarah Dumont: I like 28 Days Later.

Joey Morgan: Yeah, I recently just saw another one that I really like called Day of the Dead. Not Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead. That one was so good.

Louis Love: What do you guys think the moral of the story is?

Sarah Dumont: The moral of the movie is loyalty and friendship, man. You’ve got to stay loyal to humans.

Scout Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse opens in theaters on October 30th.


Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.