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Exclusive Interview with director John Adams for THE SHOOT

Nuke the Fridge’s Independent Movie Coverage

Spotlighting THE SHOOT


The Shoot is a rollicking desert thriller from Wonder Wheel Productions. As the producers prep for their first media screenings, we spoke to director John Adams about how it all came together.

Nuke the Fridge – Are you based in or out of L.A, John?

John Adams – We now live in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.

Nuke the Fridge – So many films seem to be leaving California for tax incentives in other states. Why did you decide to shoot in California?

John Adams – We whose California because there is still so much access to knowledgeable and gifted people in the film business.  We lived in Upstate New York when we made KNUCKLE JACK (Our second feature)but found we just didn’t have a big support network for film-making.

Nuke the Fridge – The film seems like it’s a mix of John Dahl and George Miller work. How would you describe it?

John Adams – We put the psyche back in psycho.  Why do seemingly regular people make horrific decisions.  That’s what’s fun for us.  Real people, real decisions and real consequences.   No one escapes and everyone pays.  In our culture guns have become toys and we wanted to use that as a device in THE SHOOT.  Guns may be “toys” and they may often seem like a quick path to solve problems but they always open up the gates to a place that we can never return from.

Nuke the Fridge – Are those desert winds or heat punishing? Or did you manage to escape most of that?

John Adams – Amazingly enough the heat was not bad.  We expected temperatures of over 100 and had prepared for it but when we got to the desert with the entire crew we were spared the crazy heat.  The wind…that’s another story.   The wind was non stop and getting clean sound was tough but in the end we walked away with everything we needed.

Nuke the Fridge – Your family are involved in the film – are they all in the movie, too?

John Adams – My wife Toby who I wrote and directed the film with is in the movie and plays my wife Maddy.  Our two girls, Lulu and Zelda, worked on the other side of the camera for THE SHOOT.  Lulu worked the cameras and also did a lot of the sound.  Zelda, who acted in our previous films worked the camera some but mostly sat this one out.  She wanted to concentrate on her soccer and drumming and being 10.

Nuke the Fridge – Who do you yourself play?

John Adams – I play Tommy, a middle aged rocker who comes up with a plan to rob a jewelry shoot his wife is working on believing it will be easy.  It’s not.

Nuke the Fridge – Come the DVD will there be a lot of deleted scenes and/or behind-the-scenes featurettes?

John Adams – Yes.  Since we do this as a family there are a lot of funny conversations and screw-ups that people will get a kick out of.  We’re putting together a reel of not just out-takes of THE SHOOT but of our other two films too.  When there is only 4 people doing everything a lot of ridiculous comedy happens and there is always a camera running to capture it.  My kids love blooper reels.

Nuke the Fridge – Your two previous films haven’t yet to been released. What are your plans for the three films?

John Adams – Our first two films, RUMBLESTRIPS and KNUCKLE JACK, do have distribution and are available on iTunes, google play, Amazon— and KNUCKLE JACK is available on pay per view cable (VOD) across the country.

Nuke the Fridge – How important is the internet in promoting an independent movie?

John Adams –  The internet is priceless to us.  Facebook, instagram, twitter are all tools that allow us to compete with bigger productions.  We are thankful that we have the world at our fingertips as we move forward with our films.  The internet is empowering.

Nuke the Fridge – Have you found you’ve already garnered a devoted and loyal fan base – despite the new film not having come out yet?

John Adams – We have a very loyal and growing fan base.  One of the things that has helped us immensely is our involvement with some terrific festivals.  Through the festivals we’ve met a ton of people who have been very supportive and helpful in getting our films out there for people to see.  Again, we’re thankful for the wonderful support we’ve gotten from so many people helping us with our art.