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Exclusive: Howie Mandel Talks Bringing Back BOBBY’S WORLD


This past Saturday at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, comedian and legendary voice actor Howie Mandel, announced his plans to bring back the 90’s hit children’s cartoon, Bobby’s World.

I got a quick moment with Mandel to ask him a bit about bringing back the beloved cartoon series.

I asked Mandel, why after so many years, bring back Bobby’s World? Why to this generation? Why do you feel that it’s important to bring this specific character back?

“Why not, you know? I think we can have a lot of fun with it right now and really, I’ve never been to one of these conventions before and I thought this would be a place to kind of test the waters to see whether there is even interest in it, so that’s what today was about. Announcing that I have interest in it, do you? You know. To find out if there’s a fanbase cause it’s very insular when you’re by yourself. This is an idea that I and my production company have, but I’m trying to find if there’s an audience and apparently there is an audience for it.”

I then mentioned that my brother and I, have been looking for Bobby’s World on dvd or any sort of collection of the show, since we grew up watching the cartoon. Mandel replied with:

“Yeah, we didn’t really market. Now I have the rights to kind of relaunch it and I thought it’s something that I like to do but I don’t know if people are interested. I came here to find out. There’s no better fanbase than these kind of conventions.”

If you were a huge fan of the 90’s cartoon series that aired on Fox, go to BRINGBACKBOBBYSWORLD.COM, where you can learn more on how to help bring the great series back.