On sale during San Diego’s world famous Comic-Con International, MNS Cards is selling the Classic Monster Art Convention Card Pack. The packs will celebrate and update the famous “Art of Robert Aragon” trading card set, which was released late last year. The trading cards have proven to be very popular with collectors. With the update, fans and collectors can start their own collections or expand their existing trading card sets.


The packs are available at Mark’s Non-Sports Cards (Booth #5616,) and will be limited to 1500 numbered packs. Each pack will retail for $40.00 and feature all new cards. Here are some more exciting details.

15 cards Per Pack
ONLY 1500 made for the CONVENTION & Numbered.
Each Pack will have
5 base Cards
3 Faces of Fear
3 Vincent Price
2 Classic Monsters (NEW)
with 2-3 of the Following Randomly Inserted Cards
4 N
EW Autograph cards created specifically and inserted into the Convention Packs,
a DOUBLE AUTOGRAPH CARD (Children of Frankenstein)
MNS Cards 8
Wood Chase Cards
Prop Cards
Sketch Cards
Printing Plates & NEW Printing Plates made from the Convention Art cards
Redemption Cards (You can Redeem the Items listed below at Comic Con Booth #5616 or by Mail)
9 sketch card sets (NEW artwork made for the Convention Packs)
Original Artwork
Uncut sheets & more


In addition to the packs, MNS Cards will be distributing a different promo each day of the convention beginning on Thursday, July 24th. There will be four promos altogether. (The promos will follow the five promo cards that were released last year.)

Thursday, July 24th – Promo 6 (Colin Clive as Dr. Victor Frankenstein)

Friday, July 25th – Promo 7 (Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster)

Saturday, July 26th – Promo 8 (Death Moth)

Sunday, July 27th – Promo 9 (Lon Chaney, Sr. as the Phantom of the Opera)

Phantom of the OperaMNS3

Note: Dealers buying packs at the convention will receive promo cards in advance of the convention.