Exclusive: BIG Plot Point for the Next PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Movie Revealed


Spoiler Alert!

In the latest installment of director Christopher Landon’s Paranormal Activity franchise a tie in to a previous film was part of it’s ending.  Since the movie hit theaters, fans of the series have debated the film’s ending and where it will go from there.

During a press event for Paranormal Activity: The Marked One, Nuke the Fridge‘s very own Louis Love had a chance to ask Landon two important questions that fans have been itching to know the answer to and here they are.

Warning! One of the answers has a major plot point spoiler for the next film!

Louis LoveA debate has erupted on the Internet about who turns Hector’s camera off at the end of the film, can you tell us exactly who it was?

Landon ( Laugh ) I know I was reading about that. The truth is that it was a random witch.

Louis Love – Can you tell us where the next film will take place?

Landon – The next film will reveal that there is actually a large world wide network of witches.  It will definitely be bigger! 

There you have it, a world wide network of witches will be revealed in Paranormal Activity 6 !


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” is currently playing in theaters!