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Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron Vison (Paul Bettany) Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2015

Exclusive: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Prosthetic Supervisor Nik Williams Describes Creating the Vision

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is out today (Sept.8) on digital 3D, digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. As promised, we have Age of Ultron coverage and here is the full interview I did with Age of Ultron prosthetic supervisor Nik Williams.

Chris: Being that you’re prosthetic supervisor, I imagine that you had a pretty big role in bringing the Vision character to life, can you tell me a bit about that?

Nik Williams: Yes, basically we started out with Paul [Bettany], he’s at the beginning of it and Marvel had done initial concept designs that we worked toward that Joss [Whedon] was happy with. Originally we actually tried to cover his whole body in makeup but it was decided that that wasn’t the look they wanted. So in the end, we ended up doing the makeup that is on set. And the nice thing with it is that it’s combining visual effects with what we do as well. A sort of combination of the two departments, which was great.

Chris: Do you happen to know why they chose to go with these new colors rather than the traditional red, yellow and green colors of the Vision?

Williams: Basically if you look through the magazines, the Vision changes color all over the place. In some of them he’s yellow. I don’t know if the color was ever that set. He was that sort of red color but actually getting that correct hue or the final color, we didn’t want him to look too red. If he’s too red, he starts looking a bit comical. Trying to get the color that makes it look as action as hard as it can without looking silly.

Chris: When it comes to prosthetics, these days CGI plays a large role in movies. Do you feel that maybe CGI is starting to take over the whole prosthetics side more or do you feel that the two are co-exsisting together?

Williams: Certainly with Vision, we are very much working together. I think some things lend themselves to computer but that it’s still just trying to follow somebody and do the work that you have to do. It’s still difficult I think to actually make it look natural, where as with makeup and prosthetics, you can make it look natural and it’s filmed with camera. It’s also how the person inside feels. Making Paul [Bettany] feel not just cool but actually feel like he was the Vision character. I think the makeups help a lot with that.

Chris: Will you be working on any of the upcoming Marvel films?

Williams: We have basically worked on one, the next Captain America film that we are involved in and I’m rather hoping that we are involved in the next one but we have to wait and see.

Chris: Do you have any tips for anyone that would like to get involved in the makeup and prosthetics part of the film industry?

Williams: The trouble is it’s a very difficult business to get into. I guess in the end what you actually have to do is get a portfolio of work that you’ve done and try a bit of everything. Not just all zombie makeups or old age makeups but it’s kinda nice to see a bit of everything. That’s what you sort of want is someone that has a big imagination and they show you that they have that imagination.

Stay tuned to Nuke the Fridge for more Age of Ultron interviews and a review of the blu-ray.