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Exciting Things Happening for the Power Rangers and the Saban Brands

A few awesome things are happening for Power Rangers fans, starting this weekend. First, starting tomorrow, Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger, White Tiger Ranger etc.) will make his return to the show as he and other rangers join the Power Rangers Super MegaForce. This you can see Saturday at noon on Nickelodeon.


Then on Thanksgiving, the Mighty Morphin red ranger balloon will make it’s debut in the 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which will air live on NBC at 9am-12pm. The balloon will celebrate 20 years of the franchise’s history, so don’t miss out on that.



Also, as most of you Power Rangers fans know, there will be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger film coming in 2016, which will re-envison the very popular 90’s children’s television series. What can you do to help 2015 go by quick? Well, the 22 season of Power Rangers will start Feb. 2015 with Power Rangers Dino Charge. The show will also air on Nickelodeon.

Watch our interview where I ask Jason David Frank about everything Power Rangers, including the highly-anticipated film.