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Are You Excited for Todd McFarlane’s ‘Walking Dead’ Building Sets? You Should Be


A couple of days ago, the news that Todd McFarlane, the man who not only changed the comic industry but single-handedly changed the toy industry forever, is continuing to break new grounds with his all new Walking Dead Building Sets.

What is a building set you ask? Well think of it as a model set meets Legos, but with much more edge and realism. Think of being able to build the key scenes from “AMC’s The Walking Dead” and making the scene even more intense with as many characters and zombies that you can handle.


Here’s what McFarlane said while describing the building sets, in an interview with Bloody Disgusting:

“When I showed the working prototypes people didn’t understand the building block of it. I showed the Governor’s room at just under 300 pieces and people would scoff and say “That’s 300 pieces!” We just built it and put a veneer on it. Once I pulled up the veneers, and they could see the dimples on the blocks everyone gets it.  It’s all blocks we just put a sexy piece on top of it and you get rid of the dimples. It looks cooler, it’s not for mom, and it’s not for seven year olds.”



“If you’re twenty five years old and you still want to collect building blocks I’ll show you how it’s done.”

McFarlane then explained why he thought to start with a brand like the Walking Dead:

“Historically businesses get noticed when they come out with a brand. You’ve got to work to get people to notice original ideas, but this brand is a global phenomenon. We’ll have instant street cred. “The Walking Dead” is perfect for a huge character base, you can buy 100 figures that I could never do in the action figure aisle. I don’t have to be selective. We can do everyone. You could conceivably have 100 humans versus 200 zombies in a two-foot span on the shelf. That’s all the space you’ll need.

Construction toys build environments, and the environments are meaningful in “The Walking Dead.” The prison, Woodbury, The rooftop in Atlanta, Morgan’s place, I can take advantage of these meaningful places.”PRISON_TOWER_05-615x410


“We’ll have three type of people who support our products. The guys who build it put it on the shelf and think it’s cool. Then we have the person who collects all the figures to build their own zombie horde. Finally we have the people who want to build their own sets, they look at the photos we have on the back of the boxes that showcase bigger scenes and know how much cooler it can look. They’ll be simulating the attacks they witnessed in that area.

We’ll be selling the prison tower and the fence. You could keep the cost down and just have Glenn and a couple zombies. But I’ve gotta tell ya, if you put fifty zombies against that fence, it’s way cooler. You can build the cool army men diorama’s you’ve always dreamed of.”


These sets will be exclusively sold at Toy R us in the Fall and will cost anywhere from $9.99-$64.99 (Daryl Dixon with Chopper, The Governor’s Room, and Prison Tower with Gate.  Expand your brick building apocalypse with additional figure and accessory packs.).

Blind Bag figures will run for $2.99 (Daryl Dixon, Michonne, The Governor, Carl Grimes, Riot Gear Walker, Michonne’s Pet Walker, and Herd Walkers.)


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