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Every Easter Egg in ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ (Spoilers)


“Guardians of the Galaxy” is already a success. It’s a movie that has gotten some great reviews from just about every pop culture site, as well as probably everyone you know. In this video, Mr. Sunday Movies has pointed out every Easter egg that was in the film. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you probably shouldn’t watch this video due to spoilers.

There is one Easter egg that was spotted in the film, that wasn’t pointed out in the video. When we first see the collector in his museum, Howard the Duck is spotted in the background, long before he makes his cameo in the after credit scene. Which by the way, was a get cameo. If there was ever any movie for Howard the Duck to make a cameo in, this was the perfect one. He is a talking duck from outer space, so it makes complete sense. I just wish he looked a bit more like the 80’s movie version or that he at least would have had the same voice. Though, Seth Green does a pretty good job to where you couldn’t even tell it was his him doing the voice. What a great homage it was by director James Gunn.

source: Mr. Sunday Movies