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The arch of Days of Steel concludes with this finale issue.

The Eternal Warrior tries to right a wrong and believes that he may have picked the wrong child over the other to be the savior of the oppressed. In realizing that he may have chosen the wrong child, he finds the other child (who is now a grown man) to bring death upon, that’s until he gets a sign from the Geomancer who has taken the shape of a crow. In believing that the geomancer appearing during the time he was about to kill this man, he takes it as a sign and as restored faith in the child he chose. But will this man become the savior?


The story had a bit of humor and quite a lot of action as you would expect from an issue of the Eternal Warrior, everything from cut off heads to slit throats were in the story. The only thing I would have wanted more of when it came to the action was more blood in the panels.


As for the story, I thought it was a pretty good finale. The story was unpredictable and the ending was pretty good. It was something that not many would have imagined would happen, that’s until you get to the last few pages. It was really an interesting way to end a story arch so kuddos to writer Peter Milligan for that.

You can pick up the finale issue of  “Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel” this Wednesday.