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The Summer of Valiant transitions seasons in a huge way.


Epic doesn’t even begin to describe Eternal Warrior #1. This is one of Valiant’s best known characters and fans have been waiting for this book since the company relaunched last year. It looks like this was worth the wait because this looks like it’s Valiant’s best first issue of their new era.

Greg Pak crafts a the beginnings of big story that feeds readers both new and old. He ingeniously brings everyone up to speed with the information we need to understand this world through the pieces he puts around the main characters. Few writers in any medium could balance the amount of violence and action with a true heart in the story. Among the war and brutality we find there is a family dynamic at the center of the whole thing. One that’s definitely worth caring for. Pak has written some A-list characters like Hulk and Superman, but this looks to be some of the best work of his entire writing life.

Artist Trevor Hairsine draws some eye popping visuals whilst doing some career defining work in these pages. The level of detail he puts in the gore of the violence is simply exquisite. He paces the cinematic style action along well throughout the isse. When it takes a break he even nails the deep character moments with fantastic use of facial pantomimes from subtle smiles to the agony Gilad feels as the world crumbles around him.


Valiant has been knocking them out of the park over the last year. They’ve been marrying their characters with the right creators and Eternal Warrior #1 is keeping that tradition going. This issue does a hell of a job of building a compelling world and giving you a hero you want to follow throughout his journey. Get your pullbox variants now!

9.5 out of 10! Near Perfect! The Eternal Warrior is back better than ever.