ESL Esports Arena Coming To E3 2018

E3 has been, for the most part, the largest congregation of fans and industry professionals for over 20 years whether it’s through it’s online presence or at the Los Angeles Convention Center every June.

E3 has recently opened it’s doors for more than just press and industry by allowing fans to preview the future of gaming, regardless of opinion. It’s only natural that E3 takes the next step in making the convention one for all with the first ESL Esports event happening at this years E3.

ESL(Electronic Sports League) has partnered with E3 to bring competitive gaming to this years convention for attendees. The CEO of the ESA, Michael D. Gallagher, spoke about the partnership in a statement “With the addition of the E3 ESL Arena, E3 2018 is set to be a non-stop, edge-of-your-seat ride of video game announcements, demos, and competition.”

Although no games have been announced yet the event promises to offer a good time to players and viewers. Competitive events have definitely started showing up much more with Nintendo offering two large tournaments featuring Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. at this year’s E3 with other tournaments from other companies to likely follow.