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Epic Games To Give Away Up To $100 Million For Competitive Fortnite

For most competitive gamers it’s a dream to make a living off of being great at a game the tough part is being on an entirely different level compared to casual players. Lately, with the emergence in popularity of the battle royale type games and esports, being competitive has become a lot easier opening the door for many more players to break the gap into competitive gaming. Epic Games, the crew behind the hit battle royale title Fortnite, believes there is a big future for their popular title as they look to add a whopping $100 million for players who would be interested in getting competitive.

Epic Games has stated in a blog post that they plan to support prize pools for competitions for up to a year making the opportunity at some of these events massive for those with their eyes on the prize.

No details were given just yet although a statement from the blog reads:

Stay tuned for more details about competitive structures and eligible platforms in the weeks ahead!