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Elizabeth Olsen Comments on How Serious GODZILLA Really Is!

GodzillaInterviewed at this year’s BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards in London, actress Elizabeth Olsen commented on the upcoming Gareth Edwards “Godzilla” reboot. 

“It’s funny cause someone earlier was saying oh that’s so crazy doing something as from a serious drama to something as lighthearted as Godzilla.  And all I could say is, it’s definitely not lighthearted. It’s kind of going back to its roots of the original Japanese film.” 

If what she’s saying is true, this will bring the big green lizard back to his city stomping roots.

“Godzilla” will begin filming in March in Vancouver, Canada, and is scheduled for a May 16, 2014 release. The film stars Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (rumored,) and Bryan Cranston (rumored.)  David Callahan wrote the original draft while David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight,” “Man of Steel,”) and Max Borenstein contributed to the script. Drew Pearce was hired to polish up the screenplay before casting begins. Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) directs.

Source: BAFTA Online