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Is Edgar Ramirez Playing A Young Han Solo?

imagesActress Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) and actor Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) are the two people most mentioned to be the frontrunners in Gareth Edwards’ untitled Star Wars spinoff set to open in theaters next December. Rumor has it that the film’s plot will center around bounty hunters and the first ‘Death Star.’

Now, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Edgar Ramirez (Deliver Us From Evil) is also being looked at for a part in the film.  The question is who will be play?

Here’s what I think

When you think of Star Wars ‘Bounty Hunters’ two things come to mind. One Boba Fett and Two Han Solo. Although Aaron Paul is a great actor he looks nothing like a young Harrison Ford who played ‘Captain Solo.’  I’m thinking that Ramirez, can very much pull off looking like a young “stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder” in the movie. If the film is set a bit before of during the events of A New Hope Ramirez’s look and age is perfect. Plus, and most important, I had a change to interview Ramirez for Deliver Us From Evil and the guy really takes his work seriously just like I take my Star Wars movies.

What are your thoughts?