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EA E3 2014 Press Conference Live Blog

Let’s see if EA can top what Microsoft just did.


The EA press event is set to kick off at 12pm PST. We’ll be updating this page with all the announcements so check back in a bit.

Hey folks we’re about to start but the internet in the Shrine is a bit spotty. So we’ll blog what we can and then do a full recap right after the show if we get cut off. 1 minute to showtime!


12pm- Here we go sizzle reel showing the studio doing Star Wars Battlefront. Dice baby! The studio went to the original movie locations, the early in engine footage looks spectacular. Spring 2015 release window. We’ll put up the video around 2pm today.

12:19 – Footage of Bruce Lee’s speech “Be water, my friend.” EA’s UFC game features fighters and game developers giving tribute to Bruce Lee. Brian Hayes, creative director, comes onstage presenting EA Canada’s work.

12:22 – Gameplay of Bruce Lee’s playable character.

12:24 – NHL15 highlights and gameplay.

12:26 – Patrick Söderlund, EVP of EA, presents Criterion Studios’ work on the Burnout series.

12:32 – Madden NFL 15 updates, with realtime reactions from game characters with cinematographers from NFL Films. Madden launches in August.

12:35 – Dawngate gives us a new version of MOBA, a multiplayer online battle arena, with an emphasis on characters and story arcs, exclusively on mobile platforms.

12:36 – Andrew Wilson, CEO, returns on stage. “We’re doing things differently, but not just’s for today… This is our commitment for putting players first.”

12:37 – Mirror’s Edge, and designing the main character of Faith.

12:39 – Developing Faith’s moveset, and redefining the role of the runners in the game.

12:40 – FIFA15, with David Rutter, executive producer. “Immersion touches everything we’re showing you today.” There’s a whole new sense of player personality.

12:43 – Trailer for FIFA15 plays, highlighting the scale of the game, with digital stadiums and interactivity with the stages.

12:45 – Battlefield: Hardline with Karl Magnus Troedsson and Visceral Studios’ Steve Papoutsis. Expanding Battlefield into new worlds leading to a cops and robbers brawl in LA.

12:48 – Gameplay from Hardline. Solid job of melding Battlefield gameplay with the urban environment of downtown Los Angeles.

12:52 – Perspectives from both cops and robbers. If Michael Mann made video games, it’d probably look like this.

12:54 – The beta is launched today! First come, first served.

12:56 – Gameplay of Hardline available on Twitch’s channel. Twitch.tv/battlefield

12:57 – And that’s the show!

Playstation 4 owners with Battlefield 4 can go and download the Hardline beta through PSN. It’s a very limited beta and will be sure to be done with sign ups by tomorrow. EA had a great presentation with a one-two punch of a highly anticipated 2014 title and major teases from Bioware and DICE. Come back to Nuke The Fridge later today when we’ll do a recap of the days news from the Sony Press conference.