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E3 2019 – Pokemon Sword And Shield Won’t Have National Pokedex

For the longest time, Pokemon fans have been able to take all their Pokemon from the previous generation and trade them over to the newest title. Unfortunately that will no longer be possible with the latest entries in the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Game producer (Junichi Masuda) confirmed that not all Pokemon will carry over to the new games, saying this is due to the difficulty of adding over 800 Pokemon and having a balance to them all, it is a sort of fighting game after all.



This is hot off the heals of the Pokemon Home announcement, the mobile app where all your Pokemon across all generations can reside (from all Pokemon games), and be transported to the newest games. But Sword and Shield will only be able to accept transported Pokemon that reside within the Galor Region’s Pokedex.

Perhaps after launch the Pokemon Company will add the National Dex via DLC? We will keep you posted, so stay tuned.