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E3 2019 – Just Dance 2020 Proves That The Wii Will Never Die Completely

Every year, watchers of the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference are ‘”treated” to a presentation of the latest just dance game, and this year is no different. The last few iterations have shown a plethora of consoles being supported for the release, all the way back to the Nintendo Wii. Yes, that’s right, The Wii. And what makes this tear special, Ubisoft decided to forgo the Wii U (the console in between the Wii and The Switch) and just develop for the Wii.

This decision makes sense, as there are still a ton of Wii’s out there in the wild, and Just Dance is appeals to a large majority of casual gamers who only own a Wii for their games.

Check out the trailer here:


Of course, if this game interests you, it will be available to all modern platforms in November.