E3 2018: A Fans Impressions On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay

Rather than the typical news article, I thought it would be fair to give my personal two cents on the latest edition to the Super Smash Bros. series coming to the Nintendo Switch this December. The trailer did the best job it can announcing the game while also hyping every aspect up and making it abundantly clear that this is the definitive edition of the series. During this years E3 I got the opportunity to play the game and I cannot find anything bad to say about the game.

Before spouting off more opinions and experiences, I’d like to add that I am a very avid Smash player and during my hour of playing at E3 I have been convinced that this game has definitely improved from the last title in ways that make the gameplay even more diverse and methodical.

When playing, I used Bowser and I must say he is fantastic. His movement is definitely more polished and refined with several of his moves getting a slight touch up whether it’s a buff, nerf, or a simple stylish flair and it comes to no surprise. Masahiro Sakurai announced that many characters would be receiving new and edited movesets making many characters a bit more fresh rather than the same old thing. Something extremely notable was that during the 4 player mayhem, I found myself constantly watching all of the other players to see what else had changed before being ferociously knocked off of the screen. Everything in this game should appeal to everyone regardless of skill set, age, gender, and everything else in between.

Another notable detail in general is the change to the knock back you receive when attacking or being attacked. Each attack feels satisfying and has weight to it, with some attacks being highlighted by a slow motion shot of the knockout. Being thrown around also has weight to it as well, being much harder for you to be knocked out of the map giving players a little more time to get back into the fight. I’d say the knock back change is a great middle ground for Melee’s extremely quick paced, bowling bowl weighted hits and Smash 4’s refined yet different approach.

Super Smash Bros. will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on December 7th.