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It seems E3 just gets bigger every year. With a multi-billion dollar industry at stake, developers are constantly challenged to create more and create bigger.


Nintendo had their press conference today at 7:30 AM, Bethesda also did their press conference this morning. Tomorrow, Xbox will treat 500 lucky people to an all day media pampering event…expect the people coming out of this event loaded with swag that would make God jealous. Sony will also have their press conference tomorrow; what will we see?

Phil Spencer

The funny thing is that the convention hasn’t even officially started. Even now, hundreds of people are building the booths that attendees will walk on in a couple of days. The big bay doors of the LA Convention Center are open wide with trains of forklifts carrying HDTVs, boxes of swag, and construction materials going in and out. Their job won’t be over until the last minute on Tuesday morning when the convention doors will finally open E3 2015 to the industry.

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There will be TONS of news coming out of E3, but our site is dedicated to you. What do YOU want to see covered at E3 this year? Tell us and our team will work hard to get the news to you.

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