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At this year’s E3 Expo in L.A., there were many, many games that we got to preview. One of them was the Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter from Beeline Interactive. I had a chance to get my hands on this game and here’s the recap.

When I first looked at the game, it looked a lot like Bejeweled. It’s actually a lot more fun than that and uses even more strategy. This game is actually more than just a puzzle game. It’s part puzzle game, part card game and part RPG. For the puzzle part, you try and connect at least three of the same power gems in a row, while doing that, you also have to make a move that will block the other player to from making a move that will allow them to connect their power gems. These power gems have different abilities for your characters that you choose. These characters have a power meter which you fill by connect the power gems. Once that power meter is filled up, you tap the power from the character and it will be used against the other players. You can do things like trap them which will allow you to make more moves and you can use a proton pack power which takes life out of the other teams life bar plus many other powers.

When it comes to being part card game, each character is a card. There’s 32 card characters in total (16 busters and 16 ghosts) featuring all of the members from the Ghostbusters franchise including the films, cartoons and some of the comics. Each character has it’s own abilities and you can pick three character cards to use as a team. You can swap, mix and match any of the characters. As you play the game, your character cards also have the ability to level up. You can do this both in story mode or in online versus mode. You can also purchase card packs in the game which give you characters, powers/abilities and more.

The story mode allows you to live out some of the great moments from the films as you get to take on ghosts like Gozer the Gozerian, Vigo the Carpathian and the irascible Scoleri Brothers.

The game does get some getting used to since you are kind of used to just matching the power gems on other games but you realize that you have to think not only about matching but blocking the other players moves and the ways that each of the character’s powers come into play. This game will be very addicting once you start to figure it out.

Take a look at the gameplay video and screenshots and art for some of the characters in the game below (provided by Beeline Interactive).

You can all on the Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter this Summer for free with IAP.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter puts skills to the test in a heart-pounding puzzle battle game, featuring all the favorite characters from the world of Ghostbusters.  The denizens of the Netherworld are massing in New York, threatening to take over the world, and only the Ghostbusters can stop them. Players build and level-up their own squads of Ghostbusters and Ghosts to battle enemy teams across multiple modes of play in the most advanced match-three puzzle game in this life or the next.