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E3 2014: Tales From The Borderlands (Hands Off)

Same great Pandora look, same great Pandora taste…

Nuke The Fridge was treated to a behind closed doors demo of Telltale’s next great adaptation.

What started with Walking Dead, then gave us Wolf Among Us, now at this year’s E3 Telltale Games shows off the upcoming Tales From The Borderlands. Fans of Gearbox’s game series just got their entire universe expanded. At E3 we saw the first thirty minute of episode one and we’re thrilled to say that this isn’t merely a Telltale game with Borderland’s paint, but a unique melding of ideas that give you an experience unlike any other.

vasquez-v2 tales_rhys_loaderbot

The game will make players unveil the information of one tale from the perspective of two different characters. You play as both Rhys and Fiona, two viewpoints, both potentially credible. It’s the first time Telltale have tried this Pulp Fiction style of a story. The opening 30 minutes of the game was spent on the set-up, getting Rhys from the Hyperion base orbiting Pandora down onto the dangerous planet itself. In the Borderland’s timeline these events take place after part two as Handsome Jack is mentioned as dead. Rhys is reckless, cocky, and determined to obtain the vault key from Pandora by any means necessary.

Tales From The Borderlands doesn’t skim on what makes Gearbox Software’s games great. Players will see the Borderlands HUD, collect loot after conversations, and call down robots from Hyperion HQ for battle. The demo came to an end just as Rhys was to buy the vault key. Fiona appears and it reminded the audience that this is only one side of the story. Once we get to play as Fiona when the game is released we’ll see the other side of this coin, but may never know what truly happened. The whole thing could end up being one big “did I ever tell you about the time” story.

Perhaps the best thing revealed at E3 was some of the voice cast for the game which mixes familiar Borderlands voices with new characters like the Patrick Warburton voiced Vasquez.

When the game is released at the end of Summer, it will undoubtedly be another jewel in Telltale’s crown. So far the studio has examined the depths people are willing to stoop to in order to simply survive. They’ve examined the ideas of grey areas when it comes to justice. Now they’re setting their sights on examining what greed really is. The decisions players will make in this game will test a person’s avarice and I for one can’t wait to call dibs.

Tales From The Borderlands will release soon on PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PC, and Vita.