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E3 2014: The Order 1886 Hands On

You better go and order The Order:1886

Last year Sony showed off  The Order:1886 to a crowd hungry for reasons to own a PS4. Ready At Dawn studios is slowly but surely coming along with the makings of one of the most polarizing experiences in gaming. The upcoming PS4 exclusive is a guns-blazing third person shooter in the duck and cover style of Gears Of War. This sparked my interest in the game and I was thrilled to see that The Order doesn’t just rely on constant action but has a unique feel all its own.

This time around we saw a piece of the campaign that emphasized the exploration aspect of the game. If you saw Sony’s press conference on Monday night you’d recognize most of this sequence as it was an extend version of it. The protagonist Galahad isn’t trying to do battle, he’s simply trying to escape and survive that monster you saw. What didn’t translate during the press conference was how much fear the character expressed through next-gen graphical nuances. His steampunk inspired arsenal feels unique from any weaponry in military FPS games.

The Order’s attention to detail is a major selling point of the game. As Galahad explores the hospital – which, looks the part of the late 19th century – he finds himself deeper and deeper in the unknown. His lantern casts a brilliant light that shows off The Order’s stunning visual effects. As Galahad turns the corner he spots a mysterious creature feasting on human flesh. This is when you really get the idea behind The Order; the hero can’t always stand his ground. A turn that could lead to interesting aspects of this steampunk world.

Ultimately, this E3 demo has shown how far the game as come since we last saw it. It’s clear Ready at Dawn wrote a story that spanned hundreds of years because drama, horror, and suspense can be brought together to create a real sense of fear that translates through the characters and into the player.

The Order: 1886 launches on PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2015.