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E3 2014: Metal Gear Solid 5 (Hands Off)

The Phantom Pain is Awesome!


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is like Peace Walker with RPG elements in a giant open world. That alone should be reason enough to sell you on the game. The demo at E3 started with a brief cinematic introducing Snake’s mission to infiltrate and Afghanistan village to obtain information about the captured Master Miller. Then things got interesting.

Venom Snake (yes that’s what we’re calling him now) infiltrates a stunning world littered with canyons, livestock, villages, and creeks. It feels like a modern spaghetti western that invokes similarities to Red Dead Redemption as you ride your horse across the plains. Snake showed off an ability from Peace Walker that fits perfectly in Kojima’s vision. Players will be able to transport enemies back to base and make them part of your army, but wait there’s more. If you act now you can also use this ability on supplies, animals and even vehicles. When you get back to base to examine the fruits of your labor you might spot a young Revolver Ocelot gazing off in the distance.

Most of the demo was just about how to use new abilities in the game like Snake’s prosthetic arm can be used as a audio distraction anywhere (no wall needed). Weather will also help with players who love stealth gameplay. Sandstorms are random and can be used as moving cover from enemies.

If for any reason you were turned off by the length of Ground Zeroes, you can rest easy knowing The Phantom Pain will eat up most of your remaining years. Kojima has the beginnings of another master piece and is one of the highlights of this year’s E3.

The game is set to release in 2015, but with the size the developer is going for, we could very well have to wait a little bit more than that.