E3: 2014 Games of Indiecade

There are no small games, only small screens to play big games on…

If you walk the outskirts of the E3 show floor you’ll see many a meeting area, but you’ll also see a crowd who loves games of all shapes and sizes in the South Hall. The celebration of independent game design known as Indiecade brought lots of great games designed by innovative minds. Here’s a few that we got to spend a little time with.

find more on Thralled at their website here.


find more on Please be Nice : ( on Aran’s website here.


Connect with Paparazzi on┬áPringo Dingo’s twitter here.


If you’re looking for an overload of independent gaming you should check out the Indiecade festival happening October 9-12th in Culver City. Not only is it sponsored by lots of great companies, it’s built on the imagination of some of gamings most creative minds. You can find more information about the show on the Indiecade website.┬áNuke The Fridge even got a quick word with the woman who puts together one of gamings best shows, Indiecade CEO Stephanie Barish.