All of Nuke The Fridge’s E3 coverage so far…


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Kevin Johnson tries not to look taller using the Occulus Rift.



Our demo from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


David goes all WWII Mark Wahlberg with Sniper Elite 3

SE3_April_screens_10 shows us some of their upcoming boat fight extravaganza


World of Tanks comes to the Xbox 360 and there’s a bunch of it left to come


Telltale showed us a side of Pandora we’ve never seen before


Sony’s Project Morpheus looks to dethrone all VR devices


Super Smash Bros takes Kevin back to his early Nintendo days


Activision gives us hands on time with Destiny


Disney Fantasia and Kinect are a perfect match

E3 2014 Day 2 017

Our early favorite for game of the decade Batman: Arkham Knight

E3 2014 Day 2 016

Our wrap up of Day 1 from E3 2014

Metal Gear Solid 5, your body is not ready


Disney Infinity assembles the Avengers


Our first hands on of the show is The Order:1886


Watch as we surprised one Sony fan by bringing him with us to E3 courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment


As a treat for making it to the bottom of this post here’s two codes for the PlayStation Now beta. (First come first served)



We’ve still got our hands on impressions with Mortal Kombat, Sunset Overdrive, EA sports lineup, and Skylanders to come; in addition to our complete wrap up for the show and what it will mean to the rest of 2014. Yes probably some giveaways here or on my twitter


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