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E3 2014: Disney Fantasia Music Evolved (Hands On)

Your Next Disney Experience…

I last saw Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved at the 2013 D23 Expo. More like I was peer pressured into playing it in front of a line of people by some friends and colleagues. Back then it felt like a concept that didn’t quite find its footing. Today, we’re “Disney happy” to say that the game is fitting the idea behind it and is poised to be a reason to own a Kinect.

At this year’s E3, we were introduced to more of the narrative involved in Fantasia. Players were introduced to your guide, Scout. He’s Yen Sid’s previous apprentice who will guide the player as they transcend popular music to restore order to this magical world. While the game won’t see the most direct connections to Disney’s universe, it will however put you in the feel of Sorcerer Mickey in the classic animated cartoon. Utilizing Kinect’s tracking features, the game has you play along and alter music tracks as though you were conducting an orchestra or making living mops and buckets go back into the closet. Any way you look at it that’s quite a trip.

The pedigree behind the game is one all to familiar in the music game landscape. Developers of the popular Rock Band and Dance Central games are creating this unique experience. Their lineage shines through in the game. Waving your hands doesn’t just feel like a preloaded command, during certain bars of the music you’ll control tone, pitch, and octaves to alter or shape new versions of popular songs.

One of the worries I had from my previous encounter with the game was the lack of tracks. I love it, but there’s only so much “Bohemian Rhapsody” I can take. Some of the artist newly announced for the game include Drake, The Police, and the one I’m looking forward to the most… Depeche Mode. I need some Dave Gahan and Mickey Mouse memes. Internet, don’t let me down. With Harmonix at the helm, DLC will bring even more music to Fantasia parties everywhere.

Yes, you’ll still look silly doing it. But there’s a unique sense of fun to be had from playing this game, especially if you’re a music aficionado. While we’d like to see ties to Disney in more than just name; this game is one of the few experiences that’s worth holding onto your Kinect for. Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved will release on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for Kinect on October 21, 2014.