E3 2013: Xbox One vs. PS4 a Heavyweight Title Fight


Xbox One vs. PS4 a Heavyweight Title Fight by David Nieves

It had all the feels of a star packed heavyweight boxing match on a hot Vegas weekend. Only this fight was fought, not with fists, but with videos and sales pitches. Microsoft vs Sony, Monday night pre E3 fight was something to behold. Picture that sequence from Rocky IV where Apollo Creed took on Ivan Drago.

Microsoft, needing to prove it still had what it takes to be called the greatest gaming machine of all time, came in dazzling much like Apollo did with his entrance to the tune of Living in America. They tried to intimidate the competition dancing with pretty trailers of new takes on nostalgic games like Killer Instinct and even poked their gloves in Sony’s face by swooning Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima out of the Playstation exclusive camp. Xbox tried to get back in the fight by showing off some good stuff like Ryse and the intriguing Project Spark. Microsoft put all the energy they had left in one furious uppercut by teasing a new Halo game towards the end of their presentation. What became clear is that Microsoft has a balanced roadmap of the future between the general audience and hardcore gamers. Xbox will stop at nothing to try and get to be the center of your family and social life. We’ll have to wait until November to see if their plan plays out.

Not to be outdone, a few hours later down the street from where Xbox got to their feet at the count of nine; Playstation landed blow after blow like the iron juggernaut whaling away at Carl Weathers caught on the ropes in Rocky. Though they spent a little too much time talking about Sony movies and services, However they still turned in one of the top three Sony press conferences of all time. Playstation managed to up the profile of the Vita with just announcing The Walking Dead 400 Days bundle. They proved their dedication for continued PS3 support by hitting us with exclusive an exclusive GTA 5 bundle, even deeper look at highly anticipated Beyond: Two Souls and Gran “freaking” Tourismo 6. When compared to the PS4’s Drive Club, GT6 proved their was still untapped power left in the PS3. Developer, Polyphony showed off a new render engine for the game that made use of killer real world lighting effects few games this generation have even come close to.

Ultimately Sony would leave Xbox dead in the middle of the ring like Draggo did to Apollo. The PS4 stepped up its crusade to be the hardcore gamers machine and out gamed Xbox. Announcing the PS4’s policies on recently announced controversial Xbox One practices. President Jack Trenton managed to announce their stance and poke fun at Xbox at the same time. The crowd at the LA Sports Arena erupted in support every single time, Jack Trenton had gamers in the palm of his hand. Playstation will support used games, will not require an internet connection, and will come in $100 less than the Xbox One. Combine all that with everyone being floored by Sony game studio Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son and you’ve got the knockout blow of this years E3. (check it out below)

Go ahead Sony Playstation team say it. Ok I’ll say it for you, “if he dies, he dies.”