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Friends, critics, and people with too much time on their hands; Electronic Entetainment Expo is in full swing here in Los Angeles.

From the moment you walk two city blocks to the convention center, because parking at their lot cost almost half of what new video game would cost, your eyeballs are immersed in the giant banner and exhibition pageantry going on outside.


As if that’s not enough to cause accidents on Figueroa, when walking right into the south hall lobby of the convention center Infinity Ward wanted to make sure we all realized video games were invented so people could live out their fantasies of hoping in the cockpit of a giant mech suit and destroying worlds, courtesy of the upcoming Titanfall. Hard to tell there, but that is a current Infinity Ward employee trying to kick the Respawn Entertainment sign down.


While this years show is lacking the free energy drinks of years past, big headed zombies getting too close for comfort are here without fail.


We didn’t get to spend much time on the exhibit hall floor today but we did get to go behind the spectacle and spend some intimate time with developers like Deep Silver, 505Games, and Konami to name a few. Starting Wednesday, you’ll get to read full in depth analysis featuring a plethora of up coming games that might not be on your radar but definitely should be.


Of course we’ve visited one of the big three and I’ll give you my hands on impressions of the PS4 later this week. Spoiler alert: I beg them to take my money.


For some reason people tend to gather at zombie petting zoos like the ones near Capcom’s, Dead Rising.


That’s just a minuscule taste of what we got to experience today and there’s still two days of fun to be had. Stay tuned.


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