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E3 2013: Can Bungie rebound with DESTINY?


Can Bungie rebound with Destiny?

After Halo: Reach, it was believed that Bungie was running out of their cash cow when they split up with Microsoft. But 3 years after Halo: Reach, Bungie rears its head once again in somewhat glorious fashion…and it’s called Destiny.

But can this game be the next Halo? Initial impressions are a big no.

With so many first person shooter (FPS) games out there, it’s hard to try and distinguish yourself from the others. In regards to Destiny, Bungie is not trying to create anything totally new; most people would compare Destiny as a mix between Borderlands and Halo. It’s not a major game changer, but it’s something.

But the Bungie crew is keeping their cards real close to their chest. The preview they showed publicly last Monday was the exact preview they showed at E3; the one that attendees were waiting in upwards of 3 hours to see…even down to the script lines:

“Well I do like the long rifle, what’s its name?”
“Shut up and get behind me’”

The only reward person got for their troubles waiting in line at E3 was a shirt.

This just tells me one of two things is happening:

•    Bungie is testing the audience to see what they think of the work so far.
•    They are not as ready as they are portraying.

We will see later this year if Bungie can live up to its name.

-Jay “Mouse” Vales

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