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DXRacer Reveals 2023 Masters Series & Air Pro Series Chairs

For any fellow fans of luxury quality chairs for the home and office you’ll be pleased to know that DXRacer will be releasing updated models of the sleek Master Series chair along with the versatile Air Pro series. Announced on Monday the new set of chairs looks to improve upon several of their iconic features including lumbar support and new accessories to improve accessibility depending on your taste in chairs.

If getting the best out of your gaming sessions while looking like you top each leaderboard in any game you drop into then the Air Pro would probably suit your look. With a futuristic design and plenty of features there’s no denying that DXRacer looks to pave the way with future models with style. The 2023 Air Pro model will come in 4 color schemes including red/blue, black, red/black, and white/cyan.

The Air Pro Series offers ultra-breathable, form-fitting, luxury comfort across six different color schemes such as Black/White, Red, and standard Black. Stay cool atop an ergonomic throne constructed with high-strength components complemented by highly-adjustable ergonomics, including a magnetic lumbar support filled with plush memory foam padding.

Unlock the Air Pro Series’ full potential with a plethora of optional accessories and take it beyond the average netted chair. Set the mood for any gaming setup with a remote-controlled RGB exoskeleton. Cozy up in the winter months with a slip-on leather chair cover available in Black, Red, and White. Kick those tired feet up and chill on a telescopic footrest.

If you’re looking for more of a classic office look that feels as comfy as your favorite living room sofa you refuse to throw out because it’s so perfect(I know I’m not the only one here) then the Masters Series is the one for you. The Master Series will be releasing an updated look with color schemes ranging in black/green, black/white, black/brown, black, and black/purple.

The updated 2023 Master Series introduces the comfort of a soft sofa into any room or office. Exude elegance with one of five different professional color options including Black, Green, and White. Tilt and rocking synchronic-tilt modes offer multiple settings to turn the chair into anyone’s favorite, flexible recliner. Confidently sink into its tailored ergonomic fit for any occasion thanks to a built-in, adjustable lumbar support: no obtuse, strapped pillow required.
A large, rail-mounted memory foam headrest provides cervical spine support and personal height adjustment for all body types. Extra accessory options add unprecedented comfort as well. Customize the perfect seat with interchangeable cushions created with microfiber, perforated, breathable polyurethane leather. Avoid drink spills and broken tech with a cup holder and laptop dock.
The 2023 DXRacer models will be rolling its way into your office on October 17th, 2022 for $499 USD and will be available for purchase on the official DXRacer store and alongside partnering sites including Amazon. Follow the official DXRacer Twitter for more updates.