Hollywood’s creative bankruptcy continues unabated, with their reliance on remakes, reboots, and recycling reaching new levels of recidivism.  For proof you need look no further than “Dredd”, proof of the fact somebody wants to take another stab at making a film based on the British comic character “Judge Dredd”.  And amazingly, despite the flaming wreckage that was Sylvester Stallone’s infamous attempt back in 1995, it appears a number of film players across the globe want to get involved.

News comes out of the Toronto International Film Festival that the producers have pulled in $30 million in rights deals from numerous territories this past weekend.  At least eight nations now have distribution deals for the 3-D movie, which will begin shooting in Johannesburg, South Africa this November, with a 2012 release date.  The British rights alone went for $7 million.  That is a lot of heat for a film with no bankable stars, no notable names behind the production, and an original that is roundly looked back at as being ridiculous.

Karl Urban (the villain from “Bourne Supremacy”) is tabbed to don the mask of the titular judge, and Olivia Thurlby is cast as Cassandra Anderson.  News of this title was first announced in May, at the Cannes Film Market, and most of the talk seems to position this as a rather modest production, as far as comic book adaptations go.  Slated to have a budget of $45 million, it will be directed by Pete Travis — whose biggest title to date has been “Vantage Point” – and the screenplay comes from Alex Garland (“28 Days Later”).  The film is initially backed by Reliance BIG, IM Global, and DNA Pictures, and that means with all the foreign investors on board you are likely to see a parade of production company logos before the credits even begin to roll.