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Dragon Ball Heroes may be getting its own anime series this Summer

It was less than two months ago that Dragon Ball Super ended after 131 episodes in Japan. While the series might be over for now, Toei Animation still has big plans for the series which include a new movie set to premier later this year and now a new anime series titled Dragon Ball Heroes, if this news is true.

In Japan, Dragon Ball Heroes is a popular trading card game that let’s players build a team consisting of characters spanning the entirety of the Dragon Ball Universe including a few original characters as well as forms that we’ve never seen before including Super Saiyan 4 Broly. It features quite variety of elaborate story lines for players to enjoy filled with non-canon material so don’t be too surprised to see Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs Ultra Instinct Goku face off which makes it the ultimate Dragon Ball Fanboy’s dream. Right now you can find multiple videos online showing different opening videos for the game but on July 1st a preview video for the series will be shown at a special Dragon Ball event.

No word if this will be a full series, right now it seems the first episode will be clips put together focusing on the game’s latest arc ‘Prison Planet’ where a man mysterious man named Fu uses the Dragon Balls to summon an evil Saiyan, he  then begins imprisoning all of Earth’s greatest warriors.

You can watch all 131 episode of Dragon Ball Super on Crunchyroll.com or on Funimation.com. If you prefer watching the series in English you can tune in to Adult Swim every Saturday night or watch any of the current 52 episodes anytime on Funimation.com.