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DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z will retell the story of Dragon Ball Z

Yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment gave us our first looking at Dragon Ball Game – Project Z a new titles that will retell the story of Dragon Ball Z.

While we’ve seen the story of Dragon Ball Z retold a few times in the Budokai fighting game series, this time the game will be an Action RPG experience developed by CyberConnect2 who has worked on the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series as well as the .Hack series.

While there isn’t much shown in terms of gameplay, we see the story so far covers the Saiyan Saga and Freiza Saga while showing off the in-game graphics. We probably won’t be hearing much about the title until E3 in June but so far the game looks great and visually impressive which isn’t a surprise as CyberConnect2 has a knack for making visually stunning games.

We were also live at the Dragon Ball World Tour Finals over the weekend where we got to watch the announcement trailer live in room full of Dragon Ball fans, so make sure to check out the crowd reaction video below.