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DOOM gets a release date for Nintendo Switch

Last month in a surprising turn of events, Nintendo announced that id Software’s DOOM would be coming out for the Switch. Today, the Switch version has received a release date of November 10, 2017!  Who would have thought that we would be playing DOOM on the Nintendo Switch a week before Skyrim, which was announced for the system last YEAR?

Nintendo posted on their YouTube page an interview with the game’s Creative Director Hugo Martin and Executive Producer Marty Stratton to discuss what the game is and how it plays on the home/portable console. Gameplay was also shown during this interview running at 720p 30fps. Taking into account that this is running on a mobile processor on a portable system, it looks REALLY good! The Switch port is being worked on by Panic Button, who are also working on the port for Rocket League.

Even though I bought DOOM on PC last year, I’ve already pre-ordered the Switch version. When life hands you the opportunity to shoot demons on the toilet, you take it!